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essküche Götzis

essküche Götzis

… is a place where people come to cook. We offer team events for companies as well as groups that organize themselves. Once a month we conduct a cooking class for individuals which usually centers around a specific subject. If you have a group of at least 8 participants we will plan a cooking event tailored to your wishes.

I spent many years in the US and know what service is. We make sure that things work flawlessly from beginning to end while fun is a guaranteed ingredient. We talk about interesting and exciting things related to the ingredients we use while concentrating on dishes with clever taste profiles which are creatively presented and not complicated to make at home.

Cooking brings people together which is why everyone is encouraged to chop and grate, stir, smash or knead to your own delight. Kind of like an orchestra in which everybody works towards a common goal – which in our case is a lovely meal. Everything is taken care of, drinks included, since we are all here to have fun.

Andrea Milstein

I love to think about the intersection of food and nutrition and am constantly researching and trying out new recipes that are uncomplicated and unfussy to prepare. Delicious and fresh are my primary demands – and – I want to know where my ingredients come from. I’m lucky to have a trove of small producers close by.

I started my life in Austria but was soon temped by the large world outside. I worked as a translator and textile technician for 10 years in Hong Kong and Bangkok and travelled all over the Far East. It was in Hong Kong where I met my wonderful American husband Paul. We spent 16 years in Washington DC where we also raised our two children. My cooking skills were surely honed in the Far East but it was in the US that I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to nutrition and cooking and founded my own company “Cooking with an Accent”. Always on the hunt for more natural ingredients I opened a farmers market, worked closely with organic farmers, introduced spelt (a grain) to curious Americans and dabbled in black-market activities related to raw milk.

Essküche is the culmination of it all which I started after moving to Austria in 2012. Twice a months I write a column for die NEUE Vorarlberger Tageszeitung titled “Ein Plädoyer fürs Essen” (A case for food). When I don’t cook or research recipes, exploring the Alps on touring skis or mountain bikes with my husband Paul falls under my favorite past times. Our now grown children live in the US and Germany.

fresh, light, tasty, healthy

I’m a big proponent of a type of cooking that originates in the freshest ingredients, is light, flavorful and healthy. I use ingredients that are regional and seasonal but don’t hesitate to look for inspiration elsewhere when it comes to spices, herbs and seasonings. During my 10 years living and working in the Far East I got a true appreciation for the subtle balance of sweet-sour-salty and umami, prevalent in so many Asian dishes. Ingredients like cilantro, Thai Basil, lemongrass, mint, ginger, galanga, shallots, different types of chilis, turmeric, cumin, fish sauce, coconut milk, but also mirin, miso and dashi are fixtures in my kitchen. We make our own curry pastes which form the base for the most delicious currys, wrap fish and chicken in banana leaves, show you how to make Maki rolls and demonstrate how to prepare vegetables in unusually delicious ways. We don’t forsake  meat but use it in quantities that are ethically responsible.

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