Cooking Classes – 2021

Our cooking classes last for four to five hours. Along with the multi-course meal that we prepare together, I also provide all beverages (including a glass of wine … or two!) and a copy of the recipe. I also have aprons available for the fashionistas and messiest of cooks alike, and am happy to answer any questions you may have about cooking … or anything else for that matter!

Cooking à la Ottolenghi

Sat, September 18th 2021, 10:00-14:00; €108.-

Ottolenghi corn fritters

Like many other creators in the kitchen, I often draw inspiration from experienced chefs and Yotam Ottolenghi is one of my favorites. What could be better than taking the best that cooking culture has to offer and re-imagining it into innovative, new dishes?

On the menu will be:

  • Udon noodles with eggplant, cucumber, walnuts, and dashi;
  • Coconut corn fritters with sesame seeds and a spicy dip;
  • Lamb meatballs with fennel and vermouth;
  • Caramelized bananas with miso.

A Taste of the Middle East

Sat, October 9th 2021, 10:00-14:00; €108.-

Middle Eastern dish

Safaa is from Syria and has been a passionate cook since the days of her youth. The flavors of her family and love for her childhood home are interwoven into all of her dishes, which will take you on a delightful journey to the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.

  • Fattoush, a Mediterranean appetizer
  • Pita with a spread of roasted paprika
  • Maqluba, a true celebration of flavors
  • Katajef, a dessert of sweet dumplings

Real Thai

Sat, October 16th 2021, 10:00-14:00; €108.-

Real Thai cooking class

In January 2020, shortly before the pandemic began, I spent a few weeks in Thailand to visit my old home and take part in a cooking workshop. Luckily, I made it back just before the lock-down started … and suddenly had lots of time to experiment in the kitchen—testing new techniques, adapting old recipes and coming up with new ones.

Here’s what we’ll be making:

  • Tod mun fish patties with spicy cucumber sauce;
  • Thai eggplant with chilies and lime;
  • Pad thai, with shrimp, limes, bean sprouts, peanuts and cilantro;
  • Sticky rice and mango.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a unique – and delicious – gift for a colleague, friend or loved one? A gift certificate from the essküche is more than just a present – it’s a fresh experience in flavor that will warm the belly as well as the heart. And, each certificate comes with a cooking spoon made out of cherry wood*.

*As long as supplies last.