Lehrlinge cracking eggs

For young people from all branches of business

We offer combined nutrition and cooking classes for apprentices from all fields. My utmost goal is to teach and explain to young people how daily food choices have an impact on many aspects of life. We discuss alternatives to fast- and junk food  and learn to prepare a number of easy and tasty dishes.

Michael Pollan has said that if you want to eat sensibly you need to have elementary cooking skills. Cooking is the cheapest, smartest and most sustainable investment into ones health and environment.

You find a date…..

…we take care of the rest. All event are taking place in our bright and modern facilities in the center of Götzis.

•    Financial support of 75% of costs through the local chamber of commerce;
•    Size: 8-16 apprentices;
•    For 2 or 3 day events: festive dinner with the “bosses”.

The sooner a young person gives the occasional thought to the way he/she eats the better his/her chance to avoid many of the diseases so common today. The way we use resources, the way we shop and eat have an undeniable effect on sustainability and environment. This is a great way to learn how it is all interconnected. Cooking as a group is team work at its best.

We make sure your young people immerse themselves into feeling, smelling and tasting and any additional sense we can tap into. We combine theory with practice and communicate a new and fun approach to cooking. Our emphasis is on fresh, tasty and easy to prepare dishes which can be replicated in little time.

We aim to inspire.

If you want to find out more about our apprentice workshops, please send us an e-mail, call us directly or come by our kitchen. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

t: +43 (0)699 132 132 61
e: info@esskueche.com

Most people eat regularly with food following us practically every day.

And yet, many young people have not much in terms of a relationship with real food. A few basics about nutrition and cooking is the best foundation to prevent the next generation from turning into life-long customers of the fast food industry. As Jaime Oliver said, “If you can prepare 10 dishes, you’re autonomous.”


Andrea Milstein
Tel +43 (0)699 132 132 61