Team Events


Team incentives, project launches, project closings, etc.

As a team one rarely cooks alone. Team building in an adventurous setting is a great thing – unfortunately not for everybody. Team cooking is dynamic, creative, connects and strengthens the group. Also offered in conjunction with company workshops or other activities.

This is how it works:

We meet at the appointed time at the essküche location in the heart of Götzis and welcome you with an aperitif to lighten up and set the tone. If possible, we’d like a list of all participants ahead of time so we get to know you right away. Our aim is to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in which everybody feels welcome and comfortable. You are encouraged to participate at your individual level, chop, grate, stir, drink a glass of wine, do all of the above, or just watch. We usually offer appetizers right after they are done. Main course and dessert are prepared back to back, so you don’t have to get up between courses. At his stage you’re probably engrossed in conversation with your colleagues while relaxing with a nice glass of wine followed by coffee and some local Schnaps.

If you would like to book a team event, please send us an e-mail, call us directly or come by our kitchen. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

t: +43 (0)699 132 132 61
e: info@esskueche.com

We offer:

  • Duration: approx. 5 hours or however long you like;
  • 4 oder 5-course menu;
  • aperitif;
  • white and red wine, beer;
  • sparkling and still waters, juices;
  • coffee, espresso, digestive;
  • aprons;
  • recipes;
  • a pretty wooden spoon to take home;
  • flip chart, wall for power point presentations, wifi.
  • Aprons as a gift, 24- Euro (with company logo if preferred)
  • We provide the surroundings and skills to optimize your experience, because we know that cooking and eating has a bonding effect on people. We specialize in a cuisine that combines regional and seasonal ingredients with spices, herbs and aromatics from exotic locales. Our focus is on unfussy dishes with sophisticated taste profiles. Wines are paired to the individual dishes, jokes to your specific group.

    Andrea Milstein
    Tel +43 (0)699 132 132 61